We make building a new home easy


There’s no doubt that building a new home is stressful and time consuming.

At the end of each project, we ask our clients what made working with us a positive experience.

The overwhelming response?

Our communication and ability to help simplify the industry jargon throughout the process of building their new home.

Shipway Constructions Clients enjoying a Coffee after disciong the Process

Taking the stress out of building a new home.

We know you want this process to be as simple as possible.
You don’t have time to read complicated guides and lengthy documents.

Our 5-step process will guide you and keep you connected through each stage of your new home build.

1. Initial Enquiry

Getting to know you, your dreams, aspirations and lifestyle needs is just the beginning. How you live, work, and entertain influences how we approach the design of your new home or custom renovation.

To make it easy, we have a quick questionnaire to help you get started.

2. Meet with Anthony

Ready to build your new custom home and create your dream Port Macquarie lifestyle?

Contact us to set up a meeting with Anthony.

We’re super flexible and can meet you at a location of your choice – your favourite café, your home or workplace, our office, or via Zoom.

From the start, you can be confident that we’re here to help you.

3. Planning your dream lifestyle

Whether it’s a custom build, or a renovation, planning is key.

We’ll work with you to get the most out of your new home and make sure we consider every element and feature.

  • How can we maximise floor space to fit within your block?
  • What rooms and features suit your lifestyle?
  • How can we take advantage of important things like sunlight, shade and views?

But a new home is more than just how it looks.

Our styling partners will help you choose everything from the right colour palette to the ideal soft furnishings. They’ll suggest the best furniture placement to make the most of your space and ensure it flows.

4. Sign Contracts & Getting Started

There’s no escaping it. You can’t start building or renovating without some paperwork. But because we’ve been through this process more than a few times, we’ll guide you through every step. You can feel confident you know exactly what you’re signing.

Meet with Anthony to go through all the documents together. Once you’ve signed them, we’ll lodge them with the relevant authorities.

5. Stay Connected During the Build

Shipway Constructions uses an amazing client software program called Wrike. It allows everyone involved in your build to stay connected with real time site updates and schedule changes. We also upload images and videos to make sure everyone agrees, eliminating mistakes and ensuring a faster workflow.

Ready to create your new home?

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