SamSung BESPOKE Refrigerators

Samsung-Bespoke Fridge

BESPOKE – Coming October 2022

Designed for you, by you.

Add a little fancy to your kitchen with a fridge that’s uniquely YOU.
With our Bespoke Refrigerator range you can choose your preferred style, colour and finish to get the perfect recipe for a stylish kitchen.

Flexible Combinations

Need more storage space? You got it. Bespoke Refrigerators come in classic single door fridge, freezer and even four-door formats for the ultimate versatility in your kitchen. Simply integrate two or more of our models and create the fridge / freezer of your dreams.

Function with Form

Stocked with our top features

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our most innovative cooling technologies available across the Bespoke Refrigerator range for all your beverage and food storage needs.
There’s something for everyone.

Beverage CentreTM with
Auto-fill Jug*

We’ve moved the water dispenser inside for a seamless, flat door design outside with an Autofill Jug that automatically fills up water so you’re never thirsty again.
*Automatic refill is subject to the unit being plumbed.

Triple Cooling + Metal Cooling

Keep food fresh for long and preserve its flavour and taste. Triple Cooling independently controls the temperature and humidity in 3 compartments and prevents odours from mixing. The Metal Cooling plate helps keep the air cooler for longer.

Flexible Storage

Store and organise your food efficiently with a convertible freezer. With just one touch, the temperature in the freezer can be turned into a fridge for extra storage space and switched back to a freezer when you need it. Perfect for entertaining!

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